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One of my favorite things to create are video slideshows from sessions and for family events.  Here are a few samples to view.  Enjoy!

Two Client Shoots:

Our family Thanksgiving 2014

As a parent, I was unaware at how raw and fierce my children would be.

The day to day experiences can catch me off guard.  Just when I feel glimmers of real growth and some emotional stability, there comes an explosion.

I don’t lose heart of course.  I’m raising a human being, not fixing a problem.  I read that somewhere and it sunk into my soul very profoundly.


Dear Daughter, I can’t wait to see how you channel your passion and power.

How blessed you must feel to have a safe place, a safe space in this world to grow, learn, experiment, question, play, wonder, cry, scream.

You will always have my arms and heart; a snuggle near my soul.


For anyone reading this that does not have a safe space, I challenge you to find one.  Find a person who can be your safe place, who can wrap their arms around you as you learn, struggle, fail.  You aren’t a burden.  You are growing.